Transforming Kids' Therapy into a Journey of Joy!

Understory Kids isn’t just about therapy; it’s about embarking on an adventure into the heart of emotions. Our innovative platform introduces children, aged 5-12, to the magic of understanding themselves and others through gamified group therapy. It’s here where each smile and giggle is part of the healing.

New Dawn in Child Mental Health

The Challenge

Today’s fast-paced lifestyle can overshadow the emotional needs of our little ones, making accessible and personalized mental care a rare treasure.

Our Solution

With Understory Kids, the treasure chest is wide open. We’re sweeping away the barriers to quality mental health care, making it easy, affordable, and — most importantly — a heap of fun!

Revolutionary Emotional AI Technology

Dive into a world where technology meets empathy. Our platform’s cutting-edge Emotional AI not only listens but sees — capturing and interpreting the language of facial expressions and speech patterns. These real-time insights are transformed into a colorful Mental Health Report Card that helps counselors tailor every session to your child’s unique emotional landscape.

Your Virtual Playground for Emotional Learning

Think of our sessions as a digital playland where learning about emotions is as fun as a day at the amusement park.

We translate complex feelings into a language kids love — emojis!

After each session, you'll receive an engaging report card that maps out your child's journey through Emotional Growth Land.

Our trained counselors are the friendly navigators in your child's exploration of emotions, equipped with the tools to guide and support.

Our platform is designed to be as engaging as it is educational, ensuring that each session is looked forward to, not away from.

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Ready for Liftoff?🚀

Don’t just navigate emotions; make it an expedition of joy and discovery. Let UnderstoryKids be the rocket ship to your child’s emotional confidence.

Embark on this play venture today. Because at UnderstoryKids, we believe in nurturing tomorrow’s happiness, one giggle at a time.